06 September 2009

quote of the day-or-so

[I am] wondering if homeschooling would just be easier?? I mean if I am going to need to supplement everything...[then] why bother sending him to school?
this text was posted to facebook by a friend of ours who used to send her son to the same private school our son attends. while the cost is enormous, i believe it's more important to give up all luxuries before giving up our childrens' futures.

i would never doubt this mother's dedication to her son's education, but it sure would be something if everyone had the same opportunities my kids have. after first grade, my son was doing not just addition and subtraction, but multiplication and division. he is also reading chapter books on his own, after refusing even to try to learn to read prior to that. i credit a swarm of excellent teachers (and a few bureaucrats) who are committed to a common vision of individualized education for each child.

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  1. Our duty to attend to our children's education does not end when the schoolbell rings, regardless of how much we've paid for that school time.

    I know you know that, Unacoder. I'm just sayin'.