27 April 2009

it ain't easy being green

are incandescent bulbs so bad? the more compact fluorescents i put in, the more i miss them. my kitchen appears to be lighted by a single flashlight muffled by someone's hand when i switch on my 5(!) CLs. it brightens over a short period, but the light quality isn't so great. but even that is only half as bad as the double CL contraption i have hanging in the family room. i hardly ever use it.

Howard Brandston, award-winning lighting designer (but is he licensed?), argues that incandescents have been unfairly maligned. 'experts' have failed to measure the lighting systems holistically. one interesting blurb:
If someone really wanted to do a green household, they could use dimmers, they could use occupancy sensors to turn off the lights in case they forgot to. Control of the light is really the most energy efficient way to gain benefit. If you dim an incandescent lamp from 120 volts to 110 volts you will increase its life by approximately three times. If you dim it a little more, you increase it even more. And then they will surpass the lifespan of a compact fluorescent lamp.
the whole article is very much worth the read. i don't think i'll be buying any more CLs. instead, i'll be buying dimmer switches.

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