27 April 2009

audio streaming

i've been attempting to tackle the streaming of my extensive audio collection to my xbox 360. mp3s are supported simply and easily, but MS and Apple seam to be slap fighting with me in the middle when it comes to format support. i've tried a hack or two to avoid converting my itunes formats in bulk. i especially didn't want to use up a bungload of blank CDs to do it.

now i've found DVD neXt Copy iTurns (free). i can 'burn' a playlist to mp3s without waste. their argument that it doesn't violate copyright law kinda makes sense (especially since i want it to).
DVDneXtCOPY iTurns does not disable any DRM* Protection. iTurns uses a feature inside the DRM Protection that allows you to make Audio CD copies of your purchased content. This does not violate US and European law because it is not circumventing and is part of DRM. Instead of illegally defeating copy-protection measures, iTurns uses an innovative, technically optimized process that records original files as they play and legally burns files to a virtual CD-RW drive on your hard drive, saving the recordings in unprotected digital formats. *Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a copy protection technology that is designed to restrict the illegal distribution of copyrighted music. Forms of control can include restrictions on the use of certain music players, how many times a purchased music file can be burnt to CD or the number of computers it can be transferred to.
now i don't have to write my own utility to do this. anyone know if the next windows supports m4a/aac stuff by default?

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