15 March 2009

sticking it to the [cable] man

in an effort to eliminate time warner from my monthly extortion bill, i have purchased an xbox 360. i was already signed up on the live network so i could play an occasional [old] xbox game with my bro, but hearing that i could have access to netflix content online was a large draw. playon throws hulu, cbs, espn, and maybe some others into the mix, too.

i just finished converting the 360 to a wired connection since hulu wouldn't play over wireless. my house came with phones wired via cat5e, so, with the help of some external awesomeness (you know who you are), i re-wired the RJ45 phone jack for my network--something i will probably do for the rest of the casa, too.

so far, netflix, which worked fine over wireless, and hulu are the proverbial bomb. i will re-evaluate the cable bill again in a few weeks to see if we're ready to cut it off completely. i already bought a subsidized digital converter for the local stations.

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