04 January 2009

free to choose

i just finished Free to Choose by Milton and Rose Friedman. it might be too long for people not interested in freedom and liberty, but the final chapter is definitely worth the effort. what amazes me most is that they managed to use simple, non-jargonistic language throughout the book to cover economic theory, which tends toward dry. highly recommended. once you've finished your copy of Glamour, of course.

the unfortunate part of my reading this book is that it has convinced me how utterly screwed we are as a nation, given our constant need to devote so much effort to control each other's behaviors and preferences, all in the name of laudable goals. by permitting and encouraging special interest legislation, we have undermined the very form of government that was supposed to save us. bring on the financial apocalypse!

if anyone wants to borrow my copy, lemme know.


  1. I might like to borrow it, s'il vous plait. I'll even put down my copy of Glamour.

  2. i suppose the line forms here...

  3. So far it's pretty good. He's a bit naive about how science works, and he's overly optimistic (it was last edited in 1990). But it's a good, concise explanation of some core concepts.