25 December 2008


i just saw Bride and Prejudice recently and went a-lookin for some bollywood trailers on youtube. omg. i'd forgotten about this one.

21 December 2008

wheel of fortune

listening to the news tonight and making comments in front of Boy.

me: there's no such thing as free money.
boy: there is free money. you have to guess letters for it.

17 December 2008

my bias against academia

i think Folwer! has hit the nail on the head in explaining my own grudge against academia. i fancied i would become a professor back in my college days, getting paid to think all day and hang out on some beautiful campus. the closer i got to graduation, the more i realized that i did not want to live that life. turns out i thrive on actually accomplishing things, not just thinking about accomplishing things, though i definitely appreciate intellectual pursuits.

11 December 2008

This is why CNN fails as a news source

It's not really news that CNN is no longer a worthy news source. But then I'm not a journalist. I stopped watching/reading CNN quite some time ago, but occasionally I check it just to compare their reporting to other sources.

This is what met my eyes in the right sidebar of their main page. A poll. I'd include a link, but the content in question would disappear too quickly.

"What should the Obama Administration spend money on to revive the economy?"

This is wrong on so many levels. Talk about leading questions. The sheer amount of presupposition and framing is mind-boggling. And what scares me the most is that I know that this is the mindset of the majority of Americans. Not *whether* to jump, but how high. It makes me almost physically ill.

So I guess it'll be another year before I look at CNN again. I urge you, dear reader, (singular, I'm sure) to do likewise.

PS - There were other atrocities on their page, such as the featured video of a "live-in fembot". WTF?

07 December 2008


a dramatic reading...
(HT: Radley)

prisoner 35

my aged twin rescued a box turtle from an aquatic pen while we were at lunch friday at a great chinese place. he is currently nursing this brute back to health in order to release him into the wild to kill again.

thanks, p2l.

03 December 2008

bossman feedback

Esther Derby describes the usual failures of 360 feedback mechanisms endemic to large companies. i'm sure you know the type: ask gobs of people to fill out a Word document template and hope that at least one finds its way back.
360 Feedback Processes are an attempt to get feedback from different points of view. In my experience, these programs don't provide much actionable information. Its too easy to lob softballs or zingers, with no way for people to follow up.

I find that it's more useful to find out what's important to people and start a conversation.
my peeve with this process is that there is no conversation. from my experience, managers basically recognize responders as being reliable sources or not and simply accept or reject feedback without understanding what it even means (or if it's even true!). i have always asked those who want my feedback to give me a call and actually discuss the person being reviewed. i recommend the practice as it offers a means of asking probing questions about both positive and negative comments.

scavinger has wise words for all current and aspiring managers.
I think it could be boiled down even further...
  1. Learn to recognize when you're being a douche.
  2. Stop being a douche.
  3. Profit.