16 November 2008

as the street turns

the screwy lady across the street is at it again. twice this week, wife and i have returned her paper to her property after she (or her proxy) has thrown it in the street. i think the next time will require a gentle reminder that she should dispose of her own trash.

wife suggested that the lady might think that, since she didn't subscribe, she may think that it's someone else's paper. but after years of living here, i would think this lady would understand by now that we all suffer.

1 comment:

  1. On the one hand, I can completely sympathize with your neighbor. Having random trash thrown into my driveway would make me mad too.

    On the other hand, sullying the public street is not the proper way to deal with that anger. Ambushing the deliverer of said newpaper might be more appropriate. Or even calling the distributor of said newspaper might suffice.