16 September 2008

the sound and the fury

recently i've been pwned by my system sound, which began ignoring my requests to hear music unless it was on certain webs pages, and even that was iffy most days. i've been a-googling for days looking for config files to tweak and pestering scavinger for tips. (he doesn't know anything.) the next step in its grand plan to annoy me into purchasing a mac before its time was to screw up the volume indicator window. now my mouse controls won't alter volume and the stupid thing won't paint correctly.

on a lark, i decided to change a sound setting even though i had never altered any such settings on this installation. turns out to work again if i change the device from mixer to playback. good enough for me.
somehow, i'm betting that if i try to turn this machine into a beatbox factory, i'ma hafta revisit this.