09 September 2008

news organization implelents electioneering policy

i sent this note to WRAL "5 on your side." notice that i was even nice enough to use caps.
I'd like to ask your help in convincing the WRAL management that they are willfully altering the outcome of this year's gubernatorial election by improperly excluding Michael Munger from their debate.

As a citizen, I believe the proper role of the press is to present me with unbiased information on *all* the candidates that appear on the ballot. (Ballot access is an issue with a different organization altogether.) By setting an arbitrarily high limit for participation, they are obviously attempting to quash the voice of a significant minority of citizens.

WRAL is a willing pawn in the blatant manipulation of elections in its viewing area. It has shamed the heritage it claims as a presumed member of the press.
+1 sent them an email complaining about this BS exclusion. she got a response (below). we'll see if i do.
Dear +1 -

Thank you for your feedback regarding the candidates participating in our Gubernatorial Debate tonight. Our threshold for inclusion in the debate is that a candidate should have 10% support among likely voters in a WRAL News poll or another poll conducted by an independent entity. Currently, Mr. Munger, the Libertarian candidate, does not meet that threshold and therefore, will not participate in the debate. However, Mr. Munger will be invited to participate in other platforms
which will give his views and positions exposure. He currently has a candidate profile on WRAL.com and he will be invited to record an issue-message for voters to view on demand on our website. Other coverage that will be broadcast on WRAL will be afforded as we draw closer to Election Day.
this threshold is obviously bullshit, given that munger is already on the ballot and thus should be included. of course, wral is free to exclude him, but i would go so far as to call for the revocation of their press credentials, given their blatant disregard for impartiality. (at least they look more impartial than fox news.)

notice, too, the fit-for-a-dog scrap thrown to munger: a basement cubicle on their webs site. he will also "be afforded" unspecified coverage at an unspecified later date.

we shake our heads and click our tongues over stories of the poor chinese who are ruled by a single party. but people here don't blink an eye when we are ruled (perhaps not as stringently) by only two parties that repeatedly rejigger the game as it's being played in an effort to keep themselves in power, controling redistricting, ballot access, debate participation, and other schemes.

as Dennis Kucinich says: Wake Up America!

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