10 September 2008

my children are not your social experiment

Sandra Tsing Loh pops a gasket when she learns that O'Bama sends his kids to private school. rather than truly wondering why, she bites his rhetorical behind for letting so many people down. after all, it's his duty to bring up the scores of other kids by sending his own kids to mill about in their schools. she is nice enough to cite several studies, which of course does nothing to encourage people to gamble on their childrens' future. she states clearly that the schools available to the O'Bamas are horrible. yet it's his responsibility to improve them.

i have many times come across this type of person: someone so convinced that we should all throw our collective lots in with the local public schools. these are the folks who stridently support choice in other areas of life, but consider it a sin when it comes to schools. of course, rather than fixing them herself, she demands other people do it: a very common theme come novembers.

i applaud the O'Bamas choice to send their kids to a pricey private school. it is their choice, freely exercised for the betterment of their children. he has gained some respect from me for putting his children above the politics of government indoctrination centers.

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