06 September 2008

i am invincible!

turns out i will live forever. i need not worry about any ailment, because coffee will save me.
New research has added to a growing body of evidence that coffee has substantial health benefits. Among the latest findings: Caffeine prevents the development of multiple sclerosis-like symptoms in mice; higher coffee intake is inversely related to the risk of developing liver cancer and, best of all, coffee drinkers have a lower death rate than those who abstain.

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  1. Unfortunately, chicken milk also has significant amounts inflammatory compounds (damn, can't find the site with the info). Floyd Chilton, a renowned immunologist and author of Inflammation Nation, believes that coffee may be one big factor in the inflammation epidemic afflicting our country. To personally test his theory, I switched to using soda and tea and my psoriasis outbreaks decreased in duration and intensity.

    Eggs and soybeans also contain inflammatory compounds (along with high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids which are also inflammation causing) so lowered my intake of those foods and have nearly eliminated my psoriasis outbreaks.

    I'd strongly recommend dropping coffee and going with tea... no inflammatory compounds, same benefits from caffeine (which is what the study you quote focused on) and also contains healthy anti-oxidants not found in coffee.