05 September 2008

grass haters

i am apparently not alone in my dislike of the green resource drain. some sample messages on my neighborhood list regarding the application of chemicals to common areas:
I am vehemently opposed to chemicals being sprayed on the lawn directly in front of my home where my child plays to control weeds. There are many more pressing issues in this neighborhood that should be focused on rather than spreading chemicals in lawns to reduce weeds.
We are opposed to the idea because of the cost. If each homeowner does not follow through by watering the new seed and tending the weeds then this measure is simply a waste of homeowner's dues. It makes no sense to the treat weeds only to have them grow back. It would be nice if we all had a perfect lawn but we don't. As long as everyone's weeds and or grass is cut and edged- we believe our homeowner's dues could be better spent!
I completely agree with this! Some of our lawns do not even grow grass or weeds as the clay was not removed and soil put down when the sod was placed! We should spend the money something more practical.
sometimes it's nice to see people have well-placed priorities.

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  1. that's why i work hard at growing dirt in my yard...