20 September 2008

a double standard

Bob Barr, that such-n-such so-n-so from Georgia, has filed suit to remove the D and R candidates from the Texas ballot. McCain missed the filing deadline and O'Bama may not have been nominated in time, according to the lawsuit. i guarantee that the facts of the case won't change the outcome. third parties are subjected to the letter of the law in an effort to keep them off the ballot so they won't interfere with the big boys.

the major parties are not subject to laws the same way we are. they control every aspect of elections, including gerrymandered districting, ballot access, debate participation, election law, registration, etc. as with any cartel, their interest is in maintaining the current power structure. until The People give a shit and actually take change for themselves, we will be stuck with the same stupid load of crap that is the american political system.

if you read the comments on all the different articles on this subject, you'll see a lot of folks don't care, provided their guy is put in a better position. in this climate, we get what we deserve: more Bush-style antics. as long as we keep putting more and more power in the hands of the few, we'll be required to fight dirty to make sure the 'right' people are entrusted with that power. that's why american politics is so much more cutthroat these days: we're all pissed at each other and want to make sure They don't get to choose for us.

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