09 August 2008

paris responds

the sad part is that i'd prolly rather vote for her than barrack or the white haired dude.
See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die


  1. That was the funniest Paris video I've ever seen.

    It's not really that far-fetched... Here's a clear path to the White House:

    1. McCain gets elected.
    2. Cindy gets disfigured in a car accident.
    3. McCain looks for another hot young blonde heiress.
    4. First Lady Paris McCain.
    5. After 8 years, she's ready to lead.

    That would be hot.

  2. I'm all for the new hotness, but scenarios in which people's wives are hurt... that seems like it crosses the line.

    That said, I'm with unacoder. Paris can't be any faker than the other two main dudes running for prez. And I bet she'd have better advisors. We just need to get her on the Libertarian ticket so that when she gets more than 2% of the vote, they can be on the ballot for real here in NC for future elections.