25 August 2008

more exciting machine re-build info!

i've got the latest itunes installed in my xp virtualbox vm and have re-imported all the tunes; however, the playlists didn't survive the reanimation process and xp can't see my ipods. given my recent hellahatred for windows, i think i may revisit gtkpod and the other replacement software, including rockbox. i am also wondering if i should covet apple products given the intentional lack of interoperability. (unfortunately, i've had a long chat with myself over tea and i still covet.)

music playback through virtualbox is not workable, having a stutter every couple of seconds. i can only guess that the drive passthrough can't keep up with it. i can play nearly all of the music i have in linux, especially if el tunes turns out to work. if it does, someone must be able to write a conversion utility.

on to vmware!

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