10 August 2008

linux saves the day

i've been having a problem with windows lately wherein one of my cpus gets pegged by a process that the built-in process monitor cannot report on. i downloaded the sysinternals process explorer and it told me that the 'hardware interrupts' process was the culprit. a quick google led me to a statement that the video driver might be to blame. well, shit, i know how to do that, i thought, remembering all of my linux problems from recent history. so i grabbed the latest nvidia driver from the support tube and ran it.

turns out that was a mistake. now i can't even boot to safe mode. well, i've reinstalled windows often enough to know how to do it, including all the drivers i had to get via my linux live cd last time.

i really want a mac.

1 comment:

  1. Let me finish your blog and re-title it while I'm at it.

    Windows Is Not Ready For Prime-time

    ... How is a normal user supposed to put up with "drivers". How is he/she supposed to even know what a driver is? Not only that, but the hapless user has to pay for the privilege of finding out that his computer doesn't work with Windows. Or he has to become a criminal.

    End of fake blog.

    The logic used by those who would stand by Microsoft's products is simple. Linux isn't worth your trouble because nobody is using it. It's circular logic. People aren't using Linux because it's "not as good as Windows", they're not using it because Linux isn't Windows and Windows IS the computer.

    It's nice that you have a backup solution to your problem. I ditched Windows in 2005 because it caught the worst virus imaginable. It was called the WGA or something like that :-).