12 July 2008

involuntary servitude is our path to national salvation

wow. a super-awesome post (via Cafe Hayek), that one really must read for oneself, deconstructing and filleting the notion of compulsory volunteer work set me wondering about our complete lack of forethought on yet another issue with wide-reaching implications. not only would some require servitude from our youth, but the beneficiaries of this free labor would be chosen by our elite social overlords, none of whom share my values or, for that matter, have a clue as to what needs a-fixin' to begin with. let the special interest orgy begin!

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  1. To quote the guy : "I don't want the State adjudicating what helps society in general. I don't need Fearless Leader directing brigades of Citizen Junior Workers to enact his Grand Vision. The State already spends enough of my money telling me that they know better than I do how I should be spending the rest of my money and my time. I don't want to put great swaths of extra time at their disposal to start deciding what should be done with it."

    I couldn't have said it better.