14 June 2008

your driving sucks

mine, too, at times. the explosion of signs doesn't help either. here are some simple rules that you should learn.
  1. don't be a dick. treat everyone on the road as if they're your best friend. or in my case, someone you like. apparently, you shouldn't put bumper stickers on your car either.
  2. learn some lane discipline. be in the proper lane at all times. if someone is passing you on the right and there isn't anyone in front of you, you've violated rule 1. i include 'keep right except to pass' in this rule.
  3. pay attention. get off the phone. stop eating. wake up. otherwise, you've violated rule 1 and all those crazy people are simple reacting to your inadequacies as a driver.
udpate: no bumper stickers.

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