08 June 2008

tipping guilt

once again, i've left an insufficient tip for a waitress. it always makes me feel guilty--to such an extent that i remember it for a long time. this time, i was a bit tipsy after a few beers, but i had to pay so i could use my credit card since i didn't have any cash. apparently, i forget my tipping rules when this happens.
  1. calculate 10%
  2. double it
  3. round up to nearest dollar
the math is generally easy and it only costs me an extra dollar or two to get me some good karma. and, of course, i've known people who have been waiters, though none that truly made their living at it.

the hitch here is that it was for three pitchers of beer. i don't usually like to tip much on alcohol since it's always overpriced at restaurants anyway. in my role as miser, i still feel i came up short. should i donate to some wait staff charity to make amends with the universe?

1 comment:

  1. The only cure is to tip properly next time. Just don't overtip too much. Then the waitress will think you're skeezy and hitting on her.