08 June 2008

schools: you know the solution

it's time for a quick quiz. what is the #1 criterion for success for a graduating high school student? i'll give you some time while i think of more snark. ok, time's up, what's your answer? i don't even have to guess what you said, because your answer is an opinion. and not even a very good one if you're not the parent of a graduating high school student.

more and more, our own futures are governed by the whim of 'experts' and bureaucrats whose jobs don't really align with our desires and responsibilities as parents and citizens. and yet these people are empowered to supplant the value systems of parents all over this country with their own priorities. the people most at risk of being controlled are those that cannot afford to pull their children from a failing system.

once in a while, i get some kind of freebie from the Reason Foundation, most likely due to my huge influence across the webs (hey, you're reading this). the latest item is a dvd of a reason.tv episode, plus some extras. the episode highlights the problems of a public school system that has lost touch with the community it serves. one that places teachers ahead of students.

one day we'll have our goals straight. we may even try to use persuasion rather than coercion to achieve those goals.

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