20 June 2008

conservationists should embrace high gas prices

as Mark Perry noted,
High gas prices are working - consumers are changing their behavior by driving less and conserving gasoline. In fact, high gas prices have probably done more to change behavior and inspire conservation of fossil fuels than all of the Earth Days, and all of the efforts of groups like the Sierra Club, combined? Consumers have "found the religion of environmentalism and conservation" through high gas prices.
high gas prices, minus gubmint intervention, will drive greater competition among energy suppliers, including wind and solar. artificially low prices prevent investment in 'green' technologies that are necessarily more expensive, lacking expansive markets.

so while i don't care for the extra cash i'm doling out to get to work (of all places), my electric car will now be coming into my price range. funny how prices communicate so much information to people without any kind of press release.

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