30 June 2008

concentrated water

i shit you not:
Desalinated seawater from Hawaii, meanwhile, is being sold as "concentrated water" -- at $33.50 for a two-ounce bottle. Like any concentrated beverage, it is supposed to be diluted before drinking, except that in this case, that means adding water to . . . water.
(HT: wife)


  1. Oh Em Gee. That's insane.

    I will, however, stand up for my own purchases of grocery store bottled water for consumption at work. The tap water here is metallic, bitter, and practically silty. I can taste the difference.

    Heck, the water at my house is bad-tasting if you don't filter it. So whereas some people may have perfectly good tap water, I'm not part of that crowd.

  2. we have filtered water at work. and if we didn't, i'd bring in filtered water from home. then i'm not contributing unnecessarily to the garbage pit.

  3. I bring in water from home most days too. But I don't carry enough to see me through the day. Hence the pallet of bottle in the fridge.

  4. scavinger is exercising his freedom of choice. Nice job!