31 May 2008

this is getting to be a habit

every week, i get a free city newspaper thrown on my driveway. sometimes i read a bit of it. one day after every delivery, there is another newspaper in the street in front of my house, directly opposite the driveway of the mysterious lady across the street. every time. i'm willing to wager that she decides that she doesn't want the paper and just chucks it away from her property, not caring where it ends up. i feel obliged to clean it up since there are still remains of old papers returning to dust in the street.

anyone have surveillance equipment i can borrow to catch her in the act?


  1. Borrow? No. But we can talk about webcams and motion sensing image processing software next time I see you. Not that I have and hard info, mind you.

  2. offer the kids a couple bucks to catch the lady in the act...