15 May 2008

still looking for that itunes replacement

i stumbled upon jajuk while searching for nerd-config settings for ubuntu's default rhythmbox installation--just need to rip my remaining CDs to a decent quality level. (turns out that's hard to do.) jajuk has introduced perspectives (people familiar with the eclipse ide will understand what that is), which is exactly what i requested from the apple itunes team a year or two ago at least. it also appears fairly mac-ish and i'm a mac wannahaver. sounds fairly promising, eh? not so. there is no amd64 package, though i'm sure i could donk that into existence.

but it's probably not worth it. even though they bill the software as an itunes replacement, it doesn't even rip(!). i'm now on to atunes.

1 comment:

  1. I know this is NOT like iTunes. But I listen to pandora.com at work. The more you listen to it you can develop your own radio station, but it is online. So you have to be connected to the internet. Good for your office, bad on the road.