31 May 2008

this is getting to be a habit

every week, i get a free city newspaper thrown on my driveway. sometimes i read a bit of it. one day after every delivery, there is another newspaper in the street in front of my house, directly opposite the driveway of the mysterious lady across the street. every time. i'm willing to wager that she decides that she doesn't want the paper and just chucks it away from her property, not caring where it ends up. i feel obliged to clean it up since there are still remains of old papers returning to dust in the street.

anyone have surveillance equipment i can borrow to catch her in the act?

26 May 2008

creating the mac experience on linux

i am yet again in search of another piece of software to make my linux machine into as macish a machine as possible. any thoughts on equivalents (perhaps too strong a word) for garage band and imovie? the stuff i've found so far either won't run, sucks, or is just way too complex to start using.

23 May 2008

how is it that Iran got it right when we didn't?

Drew Carey addresses the kidney transplant waiting list in the US. interesting soundbite: "the government could pay $90k-100k per kidney and still save money."

the Libertarian convention in one pic

19 May 2008

mac or retirement?

my sister-in-law has asked for my recommendation re: a new laptop for grad school. (yes, she's much younger.) i have given my support to a MacBook. anyone have anything solid to sway my decision? her intended uses include writing documents, using a webs browser, and listening to music.

15 May 2008

still looking for that itunes replacement

i stumbled upon jajuk while searching for nerd-config settings for ubuntu's default rhythmbox installation--just need to rip my remaining CDs to a decent quality level. (turns out that's hard to do.) jajuk has introduced perspectives (people familiar with the eclipse ide will understand what that is), which is exactly what i requested from the apple itunes team a year or two ago at least. it also appears fairly mac-ish and i'm a mac wannahaver. sounds fairly promising, eh? not so. there is no amd64 package, though i'm sure i could donk that into existence.

but it's probably not worth it. even though they bill the software as an itunes replacement, it doesn't even rip(!). i'm now on to atunes.

13 May 2008


since robin was good enough to jpimp his warez on my blog4j, i thought i'd give it a try. emusic/j is simple and does it's job without getting in my way. best of all, i can still download an entire album at once, something i couldn't do without the emusic client. and honestly, that's all i need this thing to do.
from Hagy

12 May 2008


finally checked out jamendo which i'd read about a few places while researching how to get linux to heed my will. free music, not all of which sucks. downloads seem to be way slow, but firefox does a great job of queueing all the requests and the site makes it easy to listen to tracks while you wait.

11 May 2008

emusic support

i had a touch of trouble re-installing the linux emusic client for searching and downloading tracks so i submitted a support ticket via their site. a couple hours later and i've already had multiple responses (on a sunday!) and have realized there are several options for downloading the DRM-less tracks. (turns out i can just use a normal web browser.)

i've taken itunes gift cards off my amazon wish list. if someone could sell me a single CD-RW, i'd appreciate it.

06 May 2008

your gubmint hates the earth

though not the first story of its kind, this article from the LA Times epitomizes the nightmare that is dealing with inefficient regulation. rather than re-craft regulatory schemes to aid in releasing the grip Big Oil has on each of us, our overlords are whipping us back into our holes, making sure american entrepreneurship is stifled. if we want to make some movement away from fossil fuels, we need to embiggen our search to include some trial and error.
"Our mentality is to look for the next silver bullet" to replace petroleum, Tamminen said by telephone while driving a car fueled by compressed natural gas. "But there is no silver bullet, only buckshot. We are going to need every one of these silver buckshots to be developed as best it can."

05 May 2008

done with linux

done in the sense that everything is up and running great. in a strange turn, my back and forward buttons on my mouse only started working after setting up some xbindkey stuff and rebooted. i would have thought i only had to restart X, but i guess the system has to make fresh with the events.

i also ditched gdesklets in favor of screenlets. the photo frame isn't so hot, but these babies actually work, which is more than i can say for gdesklets.

i also just recently discovered that there are a slew of free games for linux. not sure why i have a dual-boot. i really need to get cooking on the itunes conversion.

Et tu, New Zealand?

In New Zealand, not only is it illegal to sell video games with adult content to kids, but it is also illegal for parents to buy such games for their kids. Because, you know, the government knows better than parents about how to raise kids.

04 May 2008

so simple i wish i'd thought of it

in a fit of genius, Johnny Debacle over at Long or Short Capital has hit upon a world-saving technology: make mortgages out of corn.

01 May 2008

Ditch "The Man"

How can we reduce our per person energy consumption in America? We need to ditch The Man, or else our personal habits won't amount to much. At least according to this brief article on Wired. I tend to agree. Big gubmint = big waste.