01 April 2008

O! that suburbia

my neighborhood association intends to have street lights installed on my street and every other that might have any stray darkness upon it. Wife and i do not want these things polluting the sky more than what we already have thrust upon us. i was tickled to see that at least one of my neighbors feels the same.
I agree with the negative sentiment on street lights. There is a yellow pipe outside my house right in front of both my master bedroom and second bedroom windows that was placed there without consideration to where houses would later be positioned.

Street lights cause serious light pollution (good bye starry sky). The problem is that they don't shut off at 10 or 11 when you want darkness for sleep, or even just to watch a move in a dark room. They shine into your house all night long.

I really don't understand people who would ask me to put a light shining in my bedroom windows all night long, every single night, so that the 3 minutes per week they spend near my house at night they feel more "safe". Perhaps they haven't considered the negative impact to others. The people impacted most are the ones with the duke wire pipes outside their houses, and they are the ones that should decide. Other folks don't have to live with the consequences of unwanted light or the expense and incovinience of having to cover all their windows with heavy drapes, and I think they should manage their own homes and mind their own business.

I know people who live both adjacent to and across the street from street lights, and they shine into their homes all night, even through the gaps around metal blinds. Don't be fooled by someone who tells you they only face "down". That is a just bunch of BS. One of those "face down" lights shines into my master bath all night from
chelsea meadows a couple of hundred feed away. The pipe in front of my house is only about 20 feet from my bedroom windows. I will not allow duke to put a street light there, nor directly across the street from me (and I would prefer not in front of my neighbors - but that is ultimately up to them).

Please do not ask duke to massively inconvience another homeowner by putting a steet light in front of their house, for your own benefit. That would be unbelievably cruel and selfish, and I'd like to think my fellow neighbors would never do such a thing.
consider my cockles warmed.


  1. i totally agree. when my husband was small, the city wanted to put a streetlight outside of their home, and one day came to make a hole in the sidewalk. that night, his dad filled it up. and so began a monthlong process of making holes and filling them up. the city gave in.

  2. I understand that common wisdom is that lights deter criminals, but I'm not so sure about that. And even if it were true, shouldn't it be up to individual homeowners to light their yards?

    On the topic of homeowners associations : I heard that some of them are annoyed at those hippies with ugly rain barrels in their yards. How dare they think about conservation during a drought when arbitrary aesthetic values are at stake.

  3. filling in the holes seems like a cool ninja activity. good story.

    clotheslines are against the rules, too.