11 April 2008

nvidia is my beyotch

i was having trouble with the nvidia driver on my ubuntu installation until i came across envy (download here). this app downloads, compiles, configures, and installs the latest nvidia (or ati) driver for one's system. sweet. now i have some fancy windows. is that hax0r or what?

i also managed to get wine installed finally (i think). took some command line foolery to make it happen. Boy's video game installed and even put a shortcut on the desktop. unfortunately, it refuses to run and i haven't found the cause just yet. maybe it has something to do with running a windows app in linux.

most importantly, i have located a solitaire replacement for Wife. that was her do-or-die demand.

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  1. Now I feel bad because you complained about the screen flicker a while back, and I already knew the solution to nvidia problems in Ubuntu. I apologize for not focusing on that and offering you a solution. But I'm glad that you found it anyway.