27 April 2008

flash is working!

i can't believe i have to put an exclamation mark in there! reminds me of seinfeld! i re-installed ubuntu 7.10 amd64 and installed the flash plugin with nspluginwrapper with no hitches this time. all my firefox plugins were hosed for some reason. it is unfortunate that i could only figure out how to fix them by re-installing. i just don't know my unix that well.

i also ran into an issue while beating my head on the flash issue: a bash script i wrote insisted that it didn't recognize certain system commands (e.g. find and ls) unless i provided a full path to the file. anyone got a hint for a noob?


  1. How is said bash script being run? If for example a server process is running it, then the script may not have the same PATH that your login environment has.

    You could check this by adding something like this to your script:
    /bin/echo $PATH > /tmp/path_from_script

  2. i'm running it myself, but using 'sudo' since it is donking in some restricted areas. all the commands are things i use sudo with already at the command line.