17 April 2008

does adobe suck?

i'm guessing yes. i've been having difficulty with Flash, as it is apparently unsupported on amd64 builds. "but adobe is a member of the linux foundation," you say. hey, i didn't say they were members in good standing.

i sent a note to adobe support inquiring about the state of flash for my machine. i still haven't even heard back. even the ubuntu wiki suggests a simple one line command, which runs just fine, except that the desired result is not acheived.

now i'm donking with gnash, but without luck.


  1. I have an AMD 64-bit system with Ubuntu 7.10, and Flash appears to work just fine. It's not a standard install, but it works.

    I know that you know this, unacoder. I'm including this so that other people won't point to your blog as the reason why they decided not to do linux.

  2. 1. you're the only dumbass that reads this blog.
    2. like i haven't tried all these damn scripts.
    3. i still like ubuntu oddly enough