28 February 2008

Tied to the...

Just read an article about the founders of Ruby on Rails. It pretty much touches on things that I've found to be true myself. Yes, they're good coders. Yes they're arrogant. No, they don't play well with others.

Simply put, their vision doesn't work for everyone. You're either in their cult or you're not. And they don't care which, because they're rich and happy enough doing their own thing. More power to them.


  1. i'm still desirous of finding out about rails. i've seen enough of ruby to love the language, but it will be a tough sell to corporate bosses who love the glossy pamphlets on EJB and MQ. some exceedingly smart, good developer types i know are into this stack and that's enough for me to know it's more than worth a look.

    at least .NET is putting more ruby-ish stuff in for my use. it still won't measure up to the power, ease, and flexibility of ruby, but at least it's not java. how many people truly need pooled function buckets?

  2. Rails is pretty cool. Don't get me wrong. Just expect to be treated like you're a wannabe, and they're the popular kids.

  3. as if that's different from any other period in my life...