06 January 2008

thinking of the children...

"think of the children" (or other down-trodden group) is not an argument. it's not even useful rhetoric since it presupposes your opponent believes children should perish. so please please please stop using it to prove your point. it is a non-statement.


  1. It may also simply imply that your opponent has failed to consider the implications in regards to said children, which is a subtle way of saying that their policies are ill-conceived or that their judgment is unreliable. Remember : Politics is all about manipulating human minds. If it were solely about intelligent discourse, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  2. Speaking of thinking of the children, I thought of Boy when I read this


    Make sure next time you are throwing those cfl bulbs around, please think of the children and keep them safely tucked away in some government-run safe house.