26 January 2008

still think gubmint is there for you?

NYC is considering a ban on the detection of toxins. wtf?!!!1! did i read that right? the underlying argument is that the city will be crippled by fear resulting from false positives, none of which have materialized, though even air quality measuring devices would be subject to the same rules. so Giuliani and his ilk make their name by fear-mongering and when people react, they're the bad guys. this is a classic example of a monopoly on regulation and protection. it tends to be illegal when the mafia does it, but it's only righteous when gubmint does it.

probably the worst consequence of such a ban would be the limitations placed on watchdog groups that could monitor air quality and other factors that effect millions in NYC every day.

if you're in trouble, whether you're being raped or poisoned, just sit tight and wait for the cops to help you. they are monitoring you with the cameras they've placed in your home so they know what's going on.

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