13 January 2008

should we believe him?

i've been disturbed by the recent (for me, and i've followed him for years) revelation of Paul's supposed racist views. when talking with Wolf Blitzer, he appears to deny ever having had a racist thought. he also bashes the war on drugs and foreign conflicts (rightly so), both of which have an exaggeratedly negative effect on minorities.

Radley Balko may be able to give voice to my concern:
I have no idea if Paul is a racist. I suspect that he isn't, at least today. But he's certainly had no problem benefiting from the support of people who are. It's more than a little disingenuous for him to now defend himself by invoking what the criminal justice system has done to the black community when for fifteen years a newsletter bearing his name, and the profits from which went into his bank account, celebrated and encouraged the black-people-are-savage-criminals lie in particularly vile and perverse ways.
i'm keeping my finger on the jettison button. what do you think?

update: gotst me a forwarded link to a repudiation of all this mess. very much worth a read.
This only tells me that Ron Paul is a real threat to the political establishment, and they are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to stop the Ron Paul Revolution.
If Ron Paul is somehow racist because some racists support him, does that make him a socialist lefty hippy because some far left anti war hippy supports him? Does it make the lefty hippy a racist too, because he supports Ron right along with the skin-head? There are also gay people who support Ron Paul. Does that make Ron gay? Does that make the Nazi guy gay too, or a "gay lover" because he also supports Ron? No, of course not.
i tend to believe him, mostly because all of this seems so out of character for the guy i've followed with interest for years, wishing i lived in Texas at times so i could vote for him.


  1. You might want to read http://www.prometheus6.org He's got the skinny on Ron Paul's racism.

  2. how about a more specific url. i can't find much of use via google.