19 January 2008

recycling in the middle of a drought

i've posted before about my skepticism regarding the earth-saving merits of recycling materials that may or may not actually reduce pollution levels. i still recycle everything. which strikes me as odd, since i'm now rinsing bottles and cans with potable water in the middle of the worst drought my area has on record. why rinse? because items might otherwise never be reincarnated, sent instead to the landfill.

so what is preferable? a holier-than-thou recycle-at-all-costs attitude or a more pragmatic approach to recycling that examines the true costs and values? and maybe they can come up with a way to use recycled water to rinse this stuff (like car washes) so we don't waste so much good water.


  1. I rinse so it doesn't smell up our garage. But you're right, we need a better way to do that with the drought.

  2. I read somewhere that sand works well on dried remnants. Add a little to the bottle, and then shake vigorously. It scours the junk out a bit. But I haven't tried it myself.