09 January 2008

gubmint problem solving

it's a good thing Taylor is a much better (and thorough) writer (and thinker) than i am. here he addresses what it really means to leverage The State to solve perceived problems.
That seems to be something many people don't understand anymore, judging by the demand for statist solutions to (in large part) State-created problems. It used to be that if someone realized they had a problem, they first went in search of the cause of the problem before attempting a solution. Now, it seems like no sooner do people discover problems before they start trying to solve them, causes be damned.
i can't really have political debates with people anymore because i get so upset by the willy-nilly application of state coercion to solve problems for the children. in this mindset, there are no fundamental principles protecting people's rights and a complete disavowal of each individual's inherent rights as a human.

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  1. It's not so much that people start trying to solve problems before they know the causes. It's that people already believe that they know the causes. This may be another case of "if you have a hammer..."