31 October 2007

script error on login page

using the ASP.NET Ajax extensions in an authenticated site apparently can cause issues when accessing script resources. make sure your scripts are open, if necessary. on my site, all scripts are open:
[location path="ScriptResource.axd"]
[allow users="*"/]


i've decided on going as a Miraluka jedi this year.

ghoulish insight

according to Boy, the difference between a demon[t] and a ghoul is that a demon wears a cape.

28 October 2007


it's not what you think (unless you know Ruby). Munger admits to being an incrementalist, which i've known for a while, and which makes me happy to pull for him.
I am an incrementalist. Any policy that improves choice, and puts more power and responsibility in the hands of the citizens should be supported. How much more choice? How much of a change should we press for? As much as we can get, politically.
even though some of the steps we can take aren't necessarily palatable in a real sense, we [kooky libertarian types] will not make any true headway at reform without actually engaging our neighbors in meaningful dialog. what makes you think people who support price gouging laws will suddenly listen to logic?

toward a more meaningful Nobel prize

people who know the real unacoder (i can't apologize enough!), know that i'm not a big fan of Al Gore, except for his ground-breaking work to bring us the interwebs. that feeling has bled over into my shunning of his Nobel peace prize. i'm not a disbeliever in global warming, though i'm no doomsdayer. an alert redneck reader forwarded me an article on a new technology that is quite efficient at scrubbing CO2 from other gases.
While the researchers have shown that plastic can filter natural gas (and any other fuel containing methane), it might also work for making cleaner-burning coal, filtering water and in hydrogen fuel cells. The most immediate application of the technology, however, is increasing the efficiency, and cutting the costs of natural gas processing plants.
now that could be some witch-rockin' technology deserving of a Nobel prize—in chemistry.

27 October 2007

get off my law

i'm on record as hating me some grass. which is why i also hates me some home owners association. they enforce wasteful rules in order to achieve a foolish consistency. i'm actually thankful for the drought so i don't have to make excuses for not spending money to water by dirt patches. i haven't checked my own covenants, but i'm betting there's something in there about it. i've already been in a hostage situation regarding my visible-from-the-street trashcan. no one seems to care that the cars parked in the street directly opposite each other won't permit a fire truck to pass.

more CF brouhaha

i've just replaced both of my "old" overhead CF bulbs in my kitchen after about 6 months of use. i'm already a skeptic when it comes to the benefits of Cf bulbs, but i figured that i'd give Sir Al another shot since he won the Nobel and all. if these puppies burn out before 5 years, i'm installing whale-blubber-burning light fixtures in their place.

aside: my other CF bulbs are doing fine.

26 October 2007

14 October 2007

13 October 2007

quote of the day-or-so

The relationship between [Al Gore's] activities and world peace is unclear and indistinct.
Vaclav Klaus, Czech president

12 October 2007

organic high fructose corn syrup

my CSA newsletter features a story about a farm passing off non-organic fude as organic, knowingly and purposefully breaking federal law. most interesting is the promotion of a strong sense of self-regulation in the industry.
Federal control at first seems to explain why most consumers respond with complete submission to a word alone, as if in a voluntary trance. The explanation, some may offer, is simple: convenience. Its easier to let someone else take care of life's challenges for us. And the government is paid to do just such job, solve life's problems for us. So if the government says its organic, it means good, wholesome and free of pesticides and chemicals, among other things. In an ideal world that would have been the case, but real life is more complex than we would like it to be. In real life, even if the government says its ok, organic too has to be watched independently.
the author is reacting to a rogue outfit that has decided to pay fines while selling inorganic fude fraudulently. the funny thing is that it's all within the letter of the law. in accordance with my own idea that regulation should itself be decentralized, i cotton to the guy's insistence that it's up to us to keep regulation meaningful rather than as a box-checking exercise for bureaucrats.
And common sense, never a bad thing, is what should keep organics from abuses such as in the cases mentioned above. Indeed, local, safe, responsible, honest, all these plus newer and newer terms will be naturally added to organics as the necessity arises. The duality of "us and them" is probably unavoidable in an absolute way in this world. And so in the field of organics too there will always be the us and them. But the organic people will always know what they are about and what the concept means, and they will never accept a falsified version of the ideal. So organics remains safe.
while big corn and big organic join the handout orgy that is US agricultural policy, maybe we can try to be more mindful of our day-to-day choices and refuse to be spoon fed organic high fructose corn syrup.

07 October 2007

nietzsche family circus

munger put me on to a pretty funny cartoon generator. i found myself refreshing for a while.

pigs spotted at 7000 feet

rumor has it that the b0rg have finally heard my mental screams. asp.net will someday use interfaces (e.g. IHttpContext!) and have a pluggable, IoC-loving architecture.
Interfaces abound, and none of it is sealed. I will start by swapping out the controller factory so I can get my IoC container in the mix, but it's easy to do.
Pico, anyone? maybe we'll be able to ditch our current, home-grown MVC horror and the funky TDD it inspires. the question now is whether i can wait however long it takes.

04 October 2007


another star wars show was performed in the workroom today! most of the class watched the performance. it lasted approximately 20 minutes.

03 October 2007

free electronic rails book

for anyone stuck on Jails or an equivalent, you can increase your anxiety at being stuck with it by downloading a free copy of a Rails book. offer ends soon.