02 December 2007

sustainable endeavors

it's common to hear the term "sustainable" thrown about these days, largely in reference to effects on "the environment." i can certainly dig me some clean water and clean air, just like any living organism, but i'm also of the mind that desirable policies are also politically, economically, and morally sustainable in that they must keep entities beyond the environment from long-term harm: say, people. the ethanol boondoggle fails that check because of the grotesque nature of Big Ethanol's reliance on gubmint handouts.

public schools (and other "public goods") fail because they necessarily bring people with differing views into conflict. rather than enabling those different views, society is demanding that citizens fit into a mold ever approaching sameness.

how do your pet policies fail the sustainability test? what doesn't fail?

1 comment:

  1. I have no pet policies. Except maybe the one you mentioned before about requiring congress to include wording that explains the constitutional basis for any new law. I think it passes the test.