01 December 2007

oligarchy is not capitalism

R.Dale has posted a Rant against "capitalism." what i always think is odd is the statement that what we have now is "free market capitalism." i suppose in some relative sense it is, but having our national money supply in the hands of a single private entity and permitting/encouraging oligarchs to rule our economy sounds more like hegemony than capitalism. under a gubmint that is actually subservient to the people, with limited powers and a mission to protect rights, i don't think something like our current system could really exist. unfortunately for me (and you), that kind of gubmint apparently creates a power vacuum filled by hegemonists.

when people like Angus can't even spot the looney, how do we keep tabs on the huge pork factory in DC?


  1. so whats the difference between oligarchy and capitalism

  2. here's something that states what i mean more clearly. i've mentioned on other blogs how perhaps 'free market' just doesn't convey what libertarians like me (as opposed to Randroids) envision. perhaps an upcoming post...