17 December 2007

a blast from the past

A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction is one of my throne room books. I re-read this passage yesterday, and wanted to share it lest anyone forget the barbed comic genius of The Daily Show. I'm using this quote without specific permission, but I'm hoping they won't sue me, since I'm essentially playing cheerleader for the people who hold the copyright.
As heirs to a legacy more than two centuries old, it is understandable why present-day Americans would take their own democracy for granted. A President freely chosen from a wide-open field of two men every four years; a Congress with a 99% incumbency rate; a Supreme Court comprised of politically appointed judges whose only oversight is the icy scythe of death -- all these reveal a system fully capable of maintaining itself.
This is one of the longstanding tenets of this blog - that gubmint is its own entity at this point, unbeholden to anyone but itself, and thus its powers should be restricted.

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  1. fair use, beyotch! i may have to rescind your privileges if you insist on apologizing.

    actually, i think munger (yeah, him again) describes better what the point is.