03 November 2007

why gubmint can't solve problems

i'm stuck in a pretty nasty drought. i've been doing what i can to conserve and re-use water to flush my toilet, even refusing to flush toilets at the office so i can make up for my morning shower. what's superawesome is that i'm breakin' the law:
State law allows gray water to be used to flush toilet tanks as long as it has been filtered and disinfected.
wtf, people?! i can't use the shower water to flush my fairly nasty waste down the toilet? who comes up with this shit? so now The Man is ordering me to waste more water in a drought that has no end in sight.
"Just think of the reason you're washing your body," Grimes said. "You're washing off waste. You're washing off pathogens."
if i'm so riddled with communicable mung that i can't use water that has touched me to flush feces, maybe i shouldn't live and work among humans at all.

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  1. Building codes are insanely stupid. I blame it on the lack of sunset clauses for legislation, as well as the fact that masses of people in the past legislated their responsibilities away in the first place.

    And speaking of water use policy, at what point do our rivers become communistically governed federal property? And by that I mean that bloated and corrupt bureacracy has erased all concept of "common good".