28 October 2007

toward a more meaningful Nobel prize

people who know the real unacoder (i can't apologize enough!), know that i'm not a big fan of Al Gore, except for his ground-breaking work to bring us the interwebs. that feeling has bled over into my shunning of his Nobel peace prize. i'm not a disbeliever in global warming, though i'm no doomsdayer. an alert redneck reader forwarded me an article on a new technology that is quite efficient at scrubbing CO2 from other gases.
While the researchers have shown that plastic can filter natural gas (and any other fuel containing methane), it might also work for making cleaner-burning coal, filtering water and in hydrogen fuel cells. The most immediate application of the technology, however, is increasing the efficiency, and cutting the costs of natural gas processing plants.
now that could be some witch-rockin' technology deserving of a Nobel prize—in chemistry.

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  1. Next year, next year.

    And don't forget, Gore was the major proponent of continuing to use the shuttle to build the ISS, instead of a less expensive, more reliable, and newer piece of technolgy... PR trumped science there too.

    Not that I disbelieve globular warming. He picked an obvious truth there.