27 October 2007

more CF brouhaha

i've just replaced both of my "old" overhead CF bulbs in my kitchen after about 6 months of use. i'm already a skeptic when it comes to the benefits of Cf bulbs, but i figured that i'd give Sir Al another shot since he won the Nobel and all. if these puppies burn out before 5 years, i'm installing whale-blubber-burning light fixtures in their place.

aside: my other CF bulbs are doing fine.

1 comment:

  1. Two of my CF globes for the bathroom went kaput within a week of each other. Less than a year in operation. Hmm.

    But the rest of my CF or plain F lighting has been doing fine. In fact, there are several fluorescents in my house that have been operational since we moved in 7 years ago.

    Mixed results.