30 August 2007

i hate grass

an alert reader has alerted me to a NYT article that made me smile: there is apparently an effort underway to eliminate needless mowing on roadsides across the country! anyone who knows me knows how much i hate lawns and lawncare. why are so many gubmint bodies squeezing me for money to mow grass? it is a complete waste of resources: time, money, and chemical.
Natives need to be left alone to grow to their full height. On the nonnative areas, mowing eight times annually costs $162.72 an acre using state workers, or $800 an acre using contractors. On the native plots, mowing once yearly costs $20.34 an acre with state personnel or $100 an acre with contractors, Ms. Barton said.
i'm not sure how the dollars are calculated, but the difference between each is pretty amazing.

if you like grass, plant your own and take care of it, but don't force me to be a mindless eejit doing the same. and stop taking cash from my pocket to mow highways.


  1. I wanted to smack the lady who whined, oh, the wildflowers are so messy looking. I like the highway to look like a golf course. Wah wah wah.

  2. You just want to smack that lady, I'd like to crucify her upside down. I hate grass. I hate everything about it. I hate that it has to be watered and mowed. I hate that all these morons planting it in their yards and on golf courses are killing the bees and butterflies. Our nation is becoming a patchwork of asphalt and grass. It is ugly and ecologically unsound. My stupid fiance actually loves it. He wants to buy a house with a big grass yard and almost no trees. I am seriously considering breaking up with him. It is just one example of how polar opposite we are. I am so sick of these people that don't give a %%%% about the planet and don't care about making species of insects or animals go extinct because they all want grass instead of wildflowers and other natural flora. I hope they all rot in hell with no butterflies, no flowers but with lots and lots of f'ng grass that they have to mow for all of eternity.