26 June 2007

EJBs: enterprise cow patties

two days in an EJB course and i'm even more convinced that java needs to be put out of my misery. i can't believe that a community that has been around this long and supposedly has so much intelligence can buy into this crap.

as an example, i went looking for a pico implementation to handle EJB "dependency injection" (the spec doesn't account for it well enough) and came across an article on IBM.
Some good consultants have expressed concern about what they call overuse of annotations in EJB technology. I also have my reservations, but EJB technology has bigger problems. The EJB group must deliver something soon, or the lightweight containers may render EJB technology irrelevant. Customers can already do most of what they need to do with Spring. By the time EJB technology is used in volume, it may be too late.
it's too late. pooled function buckets with more xml and @xml (annotations) is not ground-breaking--unless to bury itself.

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