13 June 2007

the death of reason, professional addition

i've been in a JSF class this week that has only reinforced my opinion that java web development sucks. it's an over-engineered amalgam of crud. what i'm noticing, too, is that JSF is way behind the curve on annotations-is-the-new-xml java craze. this class has more than doubled my appreciation of ASP.NET. it has also convinced me that Rails is probably the only remaining hope for sanity left in my department, given the uninformed anti-MS snobbery.

it's too bad Sails development died off. it was the only java framework i've seen that approached what i wanted out of java web development. and i had high hopes for JSF. i have a feeling we'll make it work for us, but at what cost?

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  1. Yes. So goes the natural tension at work between getting stuff done and covering your ass. You can't cover your ass completely without getting some stuff done, and you can't just get stuff done without, to some extent, covering your ass. However, the two are also at odds; for example: becoming an information silo covers your ass, but gets less done.

    It sounds like JSF is a CYA choice. Rails is definitely a get-stuff-done choice. Agile is also a get-stuff-done choice. A heavy methodology with document sign-offs is a CYA choice.

    Keep up the fight, man, but don't forget that they've got their asses covered very well, and are keenly interested in keeping it that way.