06 June 2007

the corn syrup generation

i grew up on soy bean oil and corn syrup sweeteners. now that i'm a parent, i am disgusted by how far into our food supply this stuff has encroached without a huge public outcry. Wife forwarded me an article that helps explain it to me: in serving a special need for parents, we've destroyed our kids' palates. Boy won't eat much of anything with flavor, preferring hot dogs, fries, and chicken fingers. Wife fed Sweet Baby Girl differently from the beginning after discovering that she didn't really care for rice cereal, preferring curry instead. she eats whatever we put in front of her.

so it's my job and yours to bring our food standards up to snuff.


  1. I worked at a late night grill type place by Graham Tower in Chapel Hill, and "nefarious chicken-finger pandemic" hits the nail on the head, no lie, I would say 75% of the meals I rang up were chicken fingers + fries by the spolied little twats that lived in that dorm. Ugh, what a job.

  2. What's sad is that I grew up on this shit, and when I'm down or lazy, all I want is a fast food burger, chicken strips or fries. It's horrible.

    I was doing much better at making my own healthy meals at home until Wife got pregnant, and now she can't stand to smell anything spicy, even onions. So I'm fucked these days.