23 May 2007

a new monitor

i've been delaying purchase of a new monitor simply because i'm cheap and Wife is cheaper. since we've started thinking more about how to go green, i'm wondering if using a new LCD at home would save us some green. if i can sell my current monitor, that means even more energy savings since the old one would be re-used rather than recycled, which i'm betting is an energy-intensive operation--and me without any more concrete blocks for the front porch.

i'm also hoping for a crisper image. now that i'm officially old, i need to save my eyes for more important things, like TV.

any recommendations for a new monitor?


  1. LCD does not equal crisper image. In fact, you may notice more pixelation if you're a real stickler. But I find that they're comparable, and cheap enough that I just got myself a widescreen 20 incher from ViewSonic to replace my old CRT.

    And if you can manage to actually sell your old CRT for anything, kudos. You're a born con-man.

  2. i've got some very nice LCDs at the office that beat the figurative pants off of my home CRT.

    and i work with a fellow who has purchased CRTs for home use off of craig's list. maybe he needs another one.

  3. $749??? Cheaper Wife did not realize you were considering a new monitor. When will be able to use the tv screen and do computer from the couch. And when will I be able to cook dinner from the couch, come to think of it.

  4. When will M learn to cook for himself? That's what I want to know.