23 May 2007

i want more immigration

Thomas Friedman of the NYT makes a good point regarding our desperate need to keep foreign-born smarties in the US. his is a pragmatic position: our future depends on having more of the world's thought leaders.
I’m proud that our country continues to build universities and a culture of learning that attract the world’s best minds. My complaint — why I also wanted to cry — was that there wasn’t someone from the Immigration and Naturalization Service standing next to President Jackson stapling green cards to the diplomas of each of these foreign-born Ph.D.’s. I want them all to stay, become Americans and do their research and innovation here. If we can’t educate enough of our own kids to compete at this level, we’d better make sure we can import someone else’s, otherwise we will not maintain our standard of living.
Not only do our companies need them now, because we’re not training enough engineers, but they will, over time, start many more companies and create many more good jobs than they would possibly displace. Silicon Valley is living proof of that — and where innovation happens matters. It’s still where the best jobs will be located.
our borders should be as open as possible to bring in people who are willing to work, especially begeniuses.

it's one of the downsides of Ron Paul that he is so anti-immigration. don't even talk to me about Lou Dobbs.

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