11 March 2007

to ubuntu or not

i am toying with the idea of installing ubuntu on my home desktop as my primary OS, but i have reservations due to my past purchase of music from itunes. anyone know of a player or mechanism for dealing with the music from linux? i think banshee will at least let me move the music to the ipod, but i was thinking about being able to play directly on the PC.

update: emusic has a preview version of their download manager for linux. why can't all the other shoppes be more like emusic? (i mean that in many different ways.)


  1. The most imporant reason for switching to Linux is to get out from under the control of corporate interests.

    To then say you require that the OS allow you crawl back under existing corporate interests is stupid.

    Cut your losses, and accept that your money spent in on DRM-encoded media was wasted. Or continue to be a slave to the corporations.

    Your choice.

  2. i should consult you more often since you know my needs so well. i happen not to *want* physical discs at all. they are clutter and are now mostly filling boxes that take up space in my closet.

    go ahead and cut yourself off from consumer society. just don't expect to be able to consume. not even emusic works on linux. i'll send them a note.

  3. I never said I was cutting myself off from consumer society. I just refuse to do so on the corporations' terms.

    I don't blame you for not wanting discs. But if you're going to accept that any music you buy will have DRM, then why bother with Linux at all? You're better off with WinDoze.

  4. i get DRM-free music at emusic.com. it's cheaper and easier, but they have their own download manager software that doesn't appear to have linux support.

    i'll just sharpen my flint and whittle me a new one.

  5. You have discovered the Linux way.