10 March 2007

gun ban to gun ownership requirement

a federal appeals court recently struck down the handgun ban in DC on second amendment grounds, rejecting the all-too-popular "militia only" argument. the DC establishment does not believe citizens should be able to protect themselves with firearms, what i deem a reasonable exercise of right.

maybe if DC passed an unenforced ordinance "requiring" people to own firearms, the district might enjoy a drop in violent crime.


  1. Education is key. Acceptance is key. If you fear something, and refuse to learn about it, fear to even look at it, then you embody your own fears and make yourself a victim. If you learn and accept something, then you cease fearing it. Or at least you learn the proper way to fear it. Either way, you are no longer a victim, and you're no longer a danger to yourself and others.

  2. When in DC, concealed carry is key.

    (I wonder if they allow concealed carry there now given this new law...)